Improve Your Walking with Gait & Balance Training

As we age, falling can become an issue. Falling causes serious injuries, especially in seniors, and is one of the leading causes of injury-connected deaths in the United States. Balance and gait are interrelated abilities that can be improved. Your gait is your walking ability. Physical therapy can provide gait and balance training that can improve your stability and lessen your risk of falls.

What are the Benefits of Gait and Balance Training?

Balance and gait affect one another. Balance can throw off your gait. Both systems rely on the inner ear and other body systems to work together. Physical therapy patient education works will all of these systems to keep them working together smoothly. Some of the benefits include:

• Avoiding injury

• Lessening your chance of falling

• Preventing dizziness

• More confident in your walking ability

• Improved posture

• Fewer aches and pains

What Happens First?

When you come into Advance Therapy, the first thing we do is evaluate your gait. This allows us to determine your strengths and weakness. We have you do some simple exercises to determine your balance. This gives us a starting point for therapy. 

If you are ready to get a more balanced life, then contact Advance Therapy and let us help you with our gait and balance training. Stay safe and confident in your abilities!

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