How to Treat Shin Splints

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If you’re a runner, you know how important it is to feel your best and stay in top shape. Shin splints occur when the muscle and tissue around the tibia bone of the leg are strained and become inflamed. This is most often due to repetitive overuse and can be incredibly painful. Following are some … Read more

How Therapeutic Ultrasound Can Help You Heal in Burien

therapeutic ultrasound burien

After an injury, recovering and getting back to your prior level of function can be a challenge. There are several conditions which can benefit from therapeutic ultrasound treatment. It has been our experience that this intervention also must be applied with the optimal dosing intensity in order to be effective. When done so, it is … Read more

Advantages of Physical Therapy for Post-Surgery Recovery in Des Moines

After surgery, healing and recovering should be a top priority. There are several methods you can use to get yourself back to optimal function. Knowing the advantages of physical therapy for post-surgery recovery can help you make the best choice for yourself. Optimize Scar Tissue Formation One of the consequences after a surgical procedure is … Read more