How Therapeutic Ultrasound Can Help You Heal in Burien

After an injury, recovering and getting back to your prior level of function can be a challenge. There are several conditions which can benefit from therapeutic ultrasound treatment. It has been our experience that this intervention also must be applied with the optimal dosing intensity in order to be effective. When done so, it is painless and well tolerated. An ultrasound is most often combined with other physical therapy as an adjunct treatment, often early in the healing process. Your Doctor of Physical Therapy can help you decide if this is the right treatment for you. 

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Remodel Scar Tissue

Ultrasound uses acoustic waves to create a mechanical and potential thermal effect in and between the cells that make up our bodies. A number of studies have demonstrated enhanced repair of cell matrices especially after bone fracture with use of ultrasound therapy. Low intensity pulsed ultrasound effectively stimulates stem cell proliferation and differentiation. Optimizing the formation of scar tissue is one of the best things you can do for yourself after an injury. It will help improve your range of motion and keep you from developing weakness in the affected area. 

Reduce Swelling

Ultrasound, when deployed using the proper settings, has been shown to inhibit the inflammatory responses which can produce swelling. Swelling is medically referred to as edema or joint effusion. The high frequency sound waves generate fluid motility which then act like a flush for the treatment area. The before and after appearance can be rather dramatic with a visibly noticeable decrease in edema along with an associated decrease in pain. Bursitis, tendonitis, and swelling in or around muscles are all possible conditions which could respond well. Therapeutic ultrasound can also have a similar effect on joint effusion/swelling.  From clinical experience, it is especially useful for lower extremity joints such as knees and ankles.   

Reduce Pain

Ultrasound can have a pain-reducing effect due to the reduction of tone/tension in contractile tissue such as muscle and tendons and swelling in joints. A number of studies have demonstrated a significant short term pain reduction in osteoarthritis patients with use of ultrasound treatment. It can also decrease muscle spasms from a recent or even chronic injury such as a car accident or sports injury. Reducing your overall pain level will allow you to start progressing through the other aspects of the physical therapy plan such as a gradual progression of neuromuscular re-education, stretching, strengthening, and re-vascularizing the tissues of the injured area.  

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