Dynamic Warmup Before Running or Sports in Seattle

Before starting any kind of exercise, one of the most important things you can do is warm up. A proper warmup can help you avoid injury and keep your muscles limber all while giving you a great start to your workout. Including a solid dynamic warmup in your routine can prepare your body for your workout and reduce the occurrence of injuries.

Knee Pull

A knee pull can stretch your knees and is especially important for runners. To do it, simply grab your knee and pull it up to your chest. Hold it until you feel the knee stretching, then put your leg back and switch sides after taking a step. 

Ankle Pull

To do an ankle pull, start by standing on one leg. Then grab your ankle and pull it back and up towards your glutes. It is incredibly important that you don’t extend your back while you do this. Keeping your back straight will give you the correct angle for stretching your ankle only. 

Lunge and Twist 

A lunge and twist will prepare your upper and lower body for a workout. To do this part of the dynamic warmup, get into a lunge position. Then spread your arms out and rotate your torso toward your front leg. Try not to rotate your pelvis and instead focus on your lower back.  

Need Help With a Dynamic Warmup in Seattle?

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