Top Self-Care Tips For Runners With Achilles Tendinitis

When it comes to the pain and swelling caused by an inflamed Achilles tendon, there are several things you can do at home to help yourself recover. These simple solutions can help you identify when it’s time to take it easy on your running routine for a while and when to reach out for help from a doctor of physical therapy who specializes in treating runners with Achilles tendinitis. 

Rest, Elevation and Ice Are Essential

If your Achilles tendon has a painful flare-up, it’s important to use the RICE acronym for rest, ice, compression, and elevation soon after onset and for the next few days (1-3 days). Apply ice/cold pack in 15-20 minute increments to reduce inflammation and lessen your pain, especially right after your run. You may use a bandage around the ice bag/cold pack for compression.  During the icing, having the affected leg elevated above the level of the heart using pillows on a couch or bed is also helpful.  

Consider Changing Your Running Routine

If you want to keep running while being mindful of your Achilles tendons, you may need to incorporate rest days into your routine, instead of running every day. Add Achilles-focused stretches and warm-ups before your run, and be mindful that you may have to adjust your pace/mileage to avoid flare-ups of pain and possible inflammation.

Invest in New Footwear

Running shoes are only good for so many miles before they no longer provide the cushion your feet and legs need. If it’s been a while since you replaced your running shoes, try swapping them out for a new pair with supportive arches and midsoles to see if that offers relief of pain. The consensus is between 300-500 miles before getting new shoes. We also recommend getting new shoes at least once per year since older shoes, even those which have never or rarely been worn, lose their cushion in the soles over time.   

Are You Among the Burien Runners with Achilles Tendinitis Who Need Pain Relief?

If treating your Achilles tendinitis symptoms at home isn’t providing the relief you need, it’s time to turn to a doctor of physical therapy who examines and treats this condition. Advance Physical Therapy is a state-of-the-art sports rehabilitation and physical therapy practice offering runners effective treatments so they can resume their activities and making progress toward their fitness goals. Our providers are highly skilled in running analysis, orthopedic manual therapy, McKenzie mechanical assessment and treatment, Mulligan Concept treatments, traditional orthopedic physical therapy assessments and treatments, ASTYM soft tissue mobilization system to support recovery of a wide range of conditions and injuries. Contact us to learn more about our services, treatments and resources for runners with Achilles tendinitis. 

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