Why Get Physical Therapy (PT) for Car Accident Injuries in Normandy Park?

After a car accident, healing from any injuries should be your first priority. Knowing where to get the best professional treatment is a great way to improve your odds of a fast recovery. There are several reasons why you should get PT for car accident injuries.   

Supports Recovery

Getting physical therapy for your injuries is the best way to heal quickly and get back to your day-to-day life. Combined with an initial rest period of reduced activity and stress, PT treatment is always going to be your best bet. A physical therapist will know what course of action to take to shorten your recuperation from the car accident.

Prevents Long-Term Damage

When you get physical therapy, you’ll be receiving neuromuscular re-education of the muscles affected by any high velocity trauma experienced during the accident.  This is also referred to as a whiplash effect. Restoring normal function of these muscles will help prevent long-term damage. One of the biggest contributing factors to lasting injuries is poor healing, including skipping the “re-set” neuromuscular re-education and desensitization phase and going straight into more strenuous activity such as weight training, full duty work, and stretching to end range. If you’re getting the right kind of therapy, these long-term effects can be avoided. 

Reduces Pain

By getting PT for car accident injuries, your pain can be greatly reduced. The re-set phase of treatment will include pain modulation interventions such as low-dose electric stimulation to desensitize the nervous system. Gentle soft tissue/muscle and joint mobilization techniques will help restore normal tone and motion for areas which often become restricted due to a reflex guarding response after an accident. With the right therapy, you can start reducing symptoms quickly and won’t have to worry about long-term pain issues. 

Need PT for Car Accident Injuries in Normandy Park?

If you want the best PT in the Burien and Normandy Park area, the team at Advance Physical Therapy is here to help. Located in Burien, we use evidence-based treatments to deliver care you can trust to address pain after an accident, surgery, or almost any form of musculoskeletal injury. Contact us today for more information on how we can help you get the care you need.

Skilled Physical Therapy (PT) for Car Accident Injuries in Normandy Park

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