Footwear Advice To Reduce Foot And Knee Pain For Runners

Foot and knee pain for runners can have many causes. One of the quickest possible solutions is having the right footwear. Check out these tips to help you evaluate your running shoes and explore whether it’s time to make a change.

Buy Only Shoes Designed For Running

It’s easy to think that all athletic shoes are suitable for running, but only those shoes specifically made for runners have the support and cushioning necessary to protect your bones, joints, and muscles over many miles. These shoes are often referred to as trainers or training shoes. There are a number of subcategories such as stability running shoes, minimalist, and trail running shoes. Here is a link to a site providing a more detailed breakdown of shoe options.

Only Buy New Retail Running Shoes – No Outlet or Resale!

Running shoes which are new and from a first “run” retailer should be used for training. This is because the air injected into the soles of the shoes will slowly leak out over time, even if the shoes have never even been worn yet! So shoes at an outlet mall or purchased from a resale site will most likely have lost considerable cushion and support already. This also means that unless you run more than 20 miles/week it would not be advisable to purchase any more than one pair at a time. Training shoes that have sat in the box or have not been used in a year or more should be relegated to “just kicking around” shoes or donated.    

Switch To New Running Shoes On Schedule

The lifespan of a pair of new running shoes is between 300-500 miles. So if you run 20 miles/week switching to a new pair of trainers every 6 months is advisable.  

Choose Supportive Shoes If You Overpronate

Pronation is a normal motion of the foot in which the underside or plantar surface rolls outward. When the foot moves into excessive pronation, or overpronation, the medial arch can also collapse giving the impression that the foot is “rolling in”. This can not only place additional strain on the foot but also onto the knee as well. If your feet overpronate you will want to try running shoes designed to help align your feet, ankles and knees for more pain-free running. These are referred to as stability, support, or motion-control shoes and feature medial posts or rails to help reduce the overpronation. Otherwise, running may put extra pressure on your joints and other tissues that cause pain and potential damage. 

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