Self Pay & Insurance Billing

At our physical therapy clinic, we accept most insurances. However, we also offer self pay rates for those without coverage or who have high deductibles.  There are no referrals or prescriptions required for these visits. The self pay rate for physical therapy visits are as follows:   

Self Pay Packages

1-3 Treatments – $95 per Visit
4-6 Treatments – $85 per Visit
7-11 Treatments – $80 per Visit
12+ Treatments – $75 per Visit

Insurance Billing Information

If you prefer to use your health insurance, the amount reimbursed to our clinic for service provided will be at contracted rates.  These rates vary between insurance carriers and also between group plans.  They will also be different from the self pay rate.

You may have a deductible, co-pay, and/or co-insurance portion.  Most insurance carriers in Washington State do not require referrals or prescriptions for physical therapy.  Our staff would be happy to check your benefits in order to help you decide whether using your insurance or the self pay rate is the best option.

We accept third party insurance such as auto and worker compensation insurances.  The rate of reimbursement also varies with these payers.  There is no requirement for a referral or prescription for using auto insurance.  Medicare and all worker compensation insurance in Washington State require a referral script for physical therapy evaluation and treatment.

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