Healing Muscles & Soft Tissue With Therapeutic Exercises

When there is pain, injury, or trauma to a specific region of the body, scar tissue may form and compensatory movement or postural patterns may emerge. These changes create pain and soft tissue dysfunction. Soft tissue interventions target the soft tissue dysfunction and pain. An example of this would be a peripheral nerve entrapment which can be treated using positional release and ASTYM procedures followed by therapeutic exercises.

In acute situations, manipulation of the soft tissue aids the formation of a flexible and strong scar tissue matrix. In chronic conditions the soft tissue work breaks up the fibrotic tight scar tissue and induces a new healing response to remodel the cell matrix via mechanotransduction. Returning the muscle/tendon/fascia to its original length and tensile strength via therapeutic exercises and neuromuscular re-education is important for restoring full function and eliminating pain.

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