3 Benefits of Running Gait Training for Athletes in Burien

Most people can walk or run without about putting much thought into it. If there are muscle imbalances, poor training habits, inappropriate footwear, or bad form then pain can develop as a way of telling you something is wrong and needs attention. This is similar to a warning light on a car dashboard. Athletes who are injured or even wishing to prevent injury may benefit from running gait training.

Lower Risk of Injury

For athletes and runners, injury means being away from the sport they love. Gait training and running form analysis can decrease your risk of injury by relieving pressure on areas such as your knees, shins, feet, and low back. This can prevent or alleviate repetitive strain/overuse conditions and even stress fractures. Getting back to running or walking can also improve your respiratory system and reduce the risk of illnesses such as heart disease.

Boost Physical Performance

Your running gait includes your posture and the cadence of your movements, as well as your foot-strike pattern. By retraining your muscles and joints to move in a well-distributed fashion, you can build muscle memory and improve endurance.

Optimize Overall Well-Being 

Gait retraining and running form exercises help correct imbalances in your somatosensory system including muscles, joints, and nerves. Physical therapists work to correct the underlying dysfunction and bring all systems back together in harmony. In the long-term, being able to run or walk without pain can positively enhance your physical, social, and emotional well-being.

Expert Running Gait Training in Burien

Athletes of all ages may be able to benefit from running gait training. The team at Advance Physical Therapy is highly skilled in sports rehabilitation and is here to help you achieve your goals. Contact us today to learn more about our treatment options which include everything from return-to-running programs, to post-surgical rehabilitation, to electrical stimulation therapy, to gait assessment and training.

Expert Running Gait Training for Athletes in Burien

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