When Should You See a Physical Therapist for Pain After Running?

Experiencing some physical discomfort as a runner is pretty common, and often comes from being new to the sport or working to increase your achievements, such as running with greater speed or endurance. Most soreness and pain resolves on its own, but there are times when you shouldn’t wait for it to go away by itself, you should reach out to a physical therapist for professional assessment and treatment. Here are a few times pain after running needs professional help to improve.

It Doesn’t Feel Better After Resting

Some running pain may be from overuse or overextension, and when that happens, giving your body a rest often reduces that discomfort. But if you see no changes in your pain level after taking a break, you’ll want to confer with a physical therapist.

It Comes Back When You Start Running Again

Once the pain dissipates and you begin your exercise routine again, pay attention if your pain suddenly comes back. It’s a sign that rest isn’t enough to resolve whatever is bothering your feet, legs or back. 

It Really Hurts

Even if you haven’t been a runner for long, you’re likely familiar with your own pain threshold. If the pain you experience after running is near the limits of your capacity to bear it, getting professional help such as from a physical therapist is wise.

Are You Experiencing Physical Pain After Running and Need Help?

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