Is Electrical Stimulation for Pain Right for You?

If you have a physical problem and your doctor has referred you to physical therapy, you may find they recommend electrical stimulation for pain. It is often used along with other rehabilitation techniques to help you recover. E-stim can help with many ailments, including: · Post-surgical pain · Low back pain · Muscle weakness · … Read more

ASTYM Therapy Can Help When Other Treatments Fail

ASTYM Therapy

ASTYM Therapy Can Help When Other Treatments Fail Soft tissue injuries involve tendons and muscles. These types of injuries are often seen in sports and require specific treatment to aid in the healing. One of those treatments is ASTYM therapy. This therapy method helps: Regenerate soft tissue Reduce, or eliminate, scar tissue Help with pain … Read more

Tips for Choosing a Sports Rehabilitation Center

Choosing a physical therapist and sports rehabilitation center can be challenging. You want the best for your situation. Not every place has the same level of experience, professionalism, and attention to the patient’s needs. At Advance Physical Therapy, we want you to know you are getting the best possible care. Here are some tips that … Read more

Cold Weather Exercise Tips

It’s important to maintain a healthy lifestyle all year round, but this becomes increasingly difficult for many during the cold winter months. To ensure that you stay warm during your outdoor activities, it is important to be smart and dress appropriately. Whether you are going to be running, biking, skiing, or just walking the dog. … Read more