Do More of What You Love With Balance Training for Elderly

As you age, you can develop problems you never had before. You may have muscle weakness or a lack of balance that makes you unsure of yourself. At Advance Therapy, we can help with balance training for the elderly. One of the biggest concerns we see in the elderly is falling. Here are some of the common reasons why seniors fall:

  • Poor posture or spinal degeneration can make standing erect difficult.
  • Decreased vision can cause falls due to not seeing clearly
  • Weak hips and legs make it harder to walk
  • Longer reaction time
  • Stumbling is a result of difficulty in lifting the feet
  • Drugs can decrease balance and cause dizziness
  • Low blood pressure can cause lightheadedness

Staying Strong & Healthy

Getting older doesn’t mean you have to give up the things you love to do. But you do want to stay safe while doing them. Seniors need a good balance program that incorporates endurance and strength training as well as balance training.

Muscle stimulation therapy can also help in some cases. With the right training and physical therapy, elderly folks can avoid falls and maintain good balance. Practicing good balance is the key to staying balanced. We can help you with a physical therapy program that will keep you strong and healthy.

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