A Physiotherapy Rehabilitation Centre You Can Trust

Recovering from surgery, an accident, or a sports injury can be challenging. You need the right treatment for your unique situation. Understanding the terms involved can help you make good choices. Many people ask what is the difference between rehabilitation and physiotherapy. Physiotherapy falls under the heading of tools used for rehabilitation. Restoring you to your original good condition is the goal. Physical therapy is a tool we use.  We are a physiotherapy rehabilitation centre, and our goal is better health and healing for you.

What Does Physiotherapy Focus On?

Rehab is a broader term and can cover:

  • Learning better ways to perform common tasks
  • Relearning things such as speech, everyday activities, et
  • Regaining strength

Physiotherapy is connected to the physical components of your body. It deals with body strength and the movement of the body. It can include things like improving gait, methods to reduce pain, and ASTYM physical therapy.

Let Us Help You Heal

If you need to regain strength for some reason or need to recover after an injury or surgery, we can help. Advanced Therapy provides top-notch care by experts in the field. You can get better, and we can help by providing the physical therapy you need.

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