Healing a Frozen Shoulder with Shoulder Mobilization

A frozen shoulder can be very painful. The medical term is adhesive capsulitis and is a result of the shoulder joint becoming inflamed. When this happens, there is a lot of pain and a limited range of motion. The reason for frozen shoulder is not always known, but there are treatments that can help such as shoulder mobilization for frozen shoulder.

Three Stages of Frozen Shoulder

This is a condition that often goes through stages. In the “freezing” stage, the shoulder pain is severe, and you are losing motion. When the shoulder progresses to the “frozen” stage, there may not be as much pain, but it is stiff, and motion is difficult. It can enter the “thawing” stage, where mobility in the joint improves.

Healing Frozen Shoulder

Anti-inflammatories can help with the pain, but it will take more than that to reverse the problem. Joint mobilization treatment can assist the shoulder in getting moving. The intensity and level of treatment depend on where you are with your shoulder.

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