If you have experienced the unfortunate situation of having an injury or dealing with a chronic health issue, you may be given a referral for a physical therapist. What you may not is that you have options and it is important to find the right fit in a therapist for your individual needs. While your insurance carrier may have a preferred provider of the services, most plans let you choose who you would like to go to. 

We know you want to pay the least amount out of pocket, but sometimes that is a sacrifice for quality care. At Advance Therapy & Sports Rehabilitation, we know that each person’s physical therapy needs are unique and we work to design a personal plan for the best results.

We have a diverse array of treatments and rehab services including soft tissue massage which can help with a number of common symptoms. Our experienced therapists can assist with a number of conditions and improving mobility and motions including stroke and trauma, back injuries, sports injuries, headache relief, orthopedic recovery, pediatric orth including CP and gait. Arthritis is another condition that can benefit from regular physical therapy as well as nerve injuries, dizziness and vertigo.  

Advance Physical Therapy & Sports Rehabilitation is a comprehensive center that has a staff of compassionate, trained and experienced individuals certified as a physical therapist to work with you one-on-one to provide the care you need. Contact us today at (206) 444-6320 and let us help restore your health.