Regaining motion without pain and getting your strength back after an orthopedic surgery, can get assisted through the use of local Burien physical therapy from Advance Physical Therapy. We have a large array of services to help you meet your recovery goals.

If you had previous surgery on a muscle, joint, or tendon and you are still experiencing pain, swelling, lack of motion or strength, difficulty rising or sitting, or numbness or tingling, there is a good chance that a personalized program of exercise and therapies can work to help you heal.

The personalized plan gets created based on the type of surgery performed and involves a detailed initial evaluation. This is because physical therapy is never the same for each person. We use specific treatments that are based on your own unique physiological makeup.

Some of our mainstains of therapy include:

Manual Therapy (soft tissue mobilization,

ASTYM, joint mobilizations, SNAGs, MWMs)

Neuromuscular Re-education (MSK ultrasound, muscle stimulation, proprioceptive cues)

Balance Training

Gait Training (learning how to walk without assistive devices or compensation patterns)

Therapeutic Exercises (specific to stretch and strengthen the affected area)

Pain Relieving Modalities (Interferential electrical stimulation, therapeutic ultrasound)

If you want local Burien physical therapy for your post-orthopedic surgery needs, contact us today to schedule your consultation with Advance Physical Therapy and let us create a unique plan for your recovery.