How Physical Therapy Near SeaTac Can Help Chronic Back Pain

Having chronic back pain can make life very difficult. It can significantly limit day-to-day activities, work, and hobbies. And if you have been suffering with pain for a long time, you know how hard it can be to find relief. Physical therapy can help your back pain, but choosing a Doctor of Physical Therapy who uses the right assessments and mix of treatments makes all the difference.

Restore Muscle Coordination

Research has demonstrated that repeated episodes of back pain often result in a dysfunctional pattern of muscle contractions, which in turn can lead to more episodes of back pain. The gold standard for examining and treating this problem is the use of diagnostic musculoskeletal ultrasound (MSKUS) to assess muscle function and as a biofeedback tool to help you find and start using those muscles again, even after many years of back pain. You can actually see the deeper muscles in your back and abdomen while you work with the therapist to get them contracting correctly again!

Restore Mobility 

A Doctor of Physical Therapy will not only treat your pain, but will also work to increase your overall mobility. They do this by looking for the root causes such as joint/articular restrictions (joints that are stuck), soft tissue tightness, and muscle strength imbalances. Manual therapy treatments such as joint mobilizations, muscle energy techniques, soft tissue massage, and instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization along with specifically targeted therapeutic exercises will increase your ability to move around and decrease the likelihood that your pain will return.

May Eliminate Need for Surgery

Back surgery is invasive and should only be considered as an option if deemed an emergency by your medical provider or if you have tried other options. Receiving the right kind of therapy with the types of assessments and treatments mentioned above could help you avoid surgery. Most definitely, you should consider going through a course of physical therapy if you have already had back surgery and are considering having another one. The previous surgery may have contributed to muscle dysfunction since the surgeon has to cut or puncture through the muscles during the procedure. Scar tissue can also develop and remain for years, but this can be remodeled using the treatments mentioned above. Restoring muscle function along with joint/soft tissue mobility can make a world of difference, no matter how long your back has been hurting you.

Reduces Risk of Further Injury

When you receive a proper course of physical therapy, your back will be strengthened and have better range of motion. This will help reduce your risk of further injury. It will also allow you to get back to your normal activities and hobbies.

Need Physical Therapy for Back Pain Near SeaTac?

If you want the best PT in the SeaTac and Burien area, the team at Advance Physical Therapy is here to help. We use evidence-based treatments to deliver care you can trust to address chronic back pain, after surgery, or after an injury. Contact us today for more information on how we can help you get the care you need.

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