No matter why you are searching for Burien physical therapy, one crucial fact remains the same across most situations: the sooner you begin treatment, the more quickly results can happen for you.

Our certified and experienced team of physical therapists adhere to the definition of our discipline, according to the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA). Each has a commitment to work one-on-one with individuals to evaluate and treat limited or abnormal physical function caused by injury, post-surgery, disability or chronic condition.

One of the most common reasons for someone to need physical therapy are sports injuries. Getting an eval and diagnosis and beginning treatments as soon as possible can assist in regaining function and mobility.

At Your First Consultation

Your assigned therapist will give you a physical exam and evaluation to develop a baseline to start from for your treatment. Your therapist will revisit your plan as needed to incorporate goals and add treatments as your healing continues. This is why physical therapy is beneficial during all phases of the healing process and can help with preventative applications to inhibit reinjuring the area of the body.

If you need Burien physical therapy, call us at (206) 444-6320 or email us at , and one of our professional therapists will set up a consultation for you.