Benefits of Gait and Balance Training in Burien

Whether you’ve recently been injured or have a neurological disorder that affects your mobility, gait and balance, training is one of the most beneficial things you can do. By working to get your balance back through therapy and exercises, you can protect yourself from sedentary lifestyle-related conditions and work on your strength and flexibility. On top of this, there are numerous benefits to this kind of training.     

Muscle Memory Development

When you go through gait and balance therapy, you’re training your limbs to make automatic movements. This is one of the core goals when it comes to improving your mobility and healing from an injury. By developing your muscle memory, walking and moving like you used to can become second nature again. 

Strength Building  

When you’re dealing with an injury or immobilizing condition, one of the biggest dangers is atrophy and weakness in the disused muscles. By training and receiving therapy that specifically focuses on those muscles, you can be certain they won’t lose their definition and function as you heal. Then, once you’ve regained your mobility, you’ll have as much strength as possible. 

Fall Risk Reduction  

Perhaps the biggest benefit of gait and balance training while injured is the reduction in fall risk. When mobility changes, you have a much higher chance of falling or stumbling, which can lead to additional injuries or exacerbate the condition you already have. Maintaining your sense of balance and strength can help reduce the chances this will happen. 

Need Gait and Balance Training in Burien?

If you need gait and balance therapy for an injury or other condition, the team at Advance Physical Therapy can help. We use evidence-based treatments to give you care you can trust in the event of any injuries. Contact us today for more information on how we can help you recover and get back to your normal activities. 

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