When to Get New Running Shoes in Tukwila

Your pair of running shoes is one of the most important pieces of equipment you can own as an athlete. Like any other piece of equipment, though, they will eventually need to be replaced, and failing to do so can result in some serious injuries. Knowing when it’s time to get new running shoes is essential and can help you avoid big problems down the line.  

New Pains 

If you’re experiencing new aches and pains after a run, this could be a sign that your shoes need to be replaced. When shoes start to wear out, they offer less support and force you to run differently. Even if you don’t notice it while you’re running, these subtle changes could bring about some new pains that you haven’t experienced in the past. 

Worn Treads

The flex grooves on your shoes, also known as treads, help them to roll with the natural movement of your feet as you run. Over time, these treads start to wear out and have less give and spring with each step. If you notice the treads on your shoes are starting to get thin, it’s time for some new shoes. 

Tough Midsole 

The midsole in your shoes will sometimes get less springy and soft. When this happens, it’s time for new running shoes. The midsole should be spongy so it can absorb the shock of your stride.   

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