Advance Physical Therapy is proud to offer the community a comprehensive suite of post-operative physical therapy resources. These include telehealth services, online learning resources, and in-person consultations that assist patients with the recovery process.

Here are three tips to keep in mind while recovering and undertaking physical therapy endeavors for your health:

  1. Have a specific goal in mind. While staying healthy and managing your pain are important factors in maintaining a higher quality of life, having more specific goals regarding your capabilities is beneficial. Much like a marathon runner visualizing the goal before the race event starts, forming well-defined goals can both help you form realistic expectations and visualize specific and positive outcomes for your health.
  2. Participate as actively as possible in your physical therapy. It can be tempting at first to take a more passive approach if you’re unsure of your physical capabilities after surgery. However, if you find that you’re physically able to do something and manage the pain in the process, it is prudent to do your best. If you absolutely cannot move forward, confirm this with your physical therapist, who can then assist you, and guide you in reorienting your goals accordingly.
  3. Communicate with your therapist as much as you can throughout the treatment process. These certified professionals are more than happy to help you formulate a treatment plan that you can stick to that helps you meet your goals. If you are experiencing new pains or facing challenges with your current regimen, it is important to let your physical therapist know, even if you’re not quite “doing your homework”. If you’re unsure about an aspect of the healing process or simply have questions, don’t be afraid to ask.

The professionals at Advance Physical Therapy are committed to bringing you services that help you reclaim your quality of life in healthy and constructive ways. For more information about how you can benefit from post-operative physical therapy, contact our team by calling (206) 444-6320 or sending us an email.