If you are experiencing pain and difficulty with movement, then Advance Physical Therapy & Sports Rehabilitation in Burien can help!  Diagnosing and treating pain from muscles, tendons, joints, and nerves is our specialty.  It’s what we do.

 A lot of physical therapy clinics just have you do a series of exercises in a gym setting.  We are a different kind of physical therapy.  No generic exercise routines.  Every patient gets a customized treatment plan based on what we find during the initial examination and from ongoing re-assessments. 

 Treatments consist of:

  • Manual hands-on techniques to loosen tension in soft tissues and restore movement to joints of the spine and extremities.
  • Pain relieving modalities such as interferential stimulation and therapeutic ultrasound.
  • Neuromuscular re-education to retrain correct movement patterns, and specific therapeutic exercises to restore strength and flexibility.

 We match these treatments to each specific problem area that we find in order to restore function and eliminate pain. 

 Let us help you reach your goals!  Call Advance Physical Therapy in Burien at (206) 444-6320 or email us at info@advancetherapy.com and get back to living again!