Many patients, even before they come into their first appointment, have questions about their potential treatment options. Whether you are curious about optimizing your desk ergonomics or want to know more about Freedom Fitness in Burien, we can help. Advance Therapy offers a collection of online resources to assist patients in finding out more about various treatment modalities and education programs related to physical therapy.

 Resources available on our site include information about:

  • Microsoft’s Desk Ergonomics research, which includes information about the optimal way to sit at your desk and a quality keyboard to reduce hand strain and other concerns.
  • The Balanced Athlete in the Renton Landing offers outerwear and footwear designed with health and fitness in mind. They even help you match your foot type to compatible shoes!
  • Freedom Fitness, a hybrid training gym that combines both traditional and alternative exercise modalities to improve health and wellness. There are myriad options for both strength training and cardiovascular exercise.
  • ASTYM Treatments are a system of soft tissue therapy that can be effective for healing damage caused by injury or stress in various parts of the body.
  • The Kinesio Taping® Method, which aids in healing through specific methods of taping around injuries to support muscles and joints.
  • The Mulligan Concept, created by Brian Mulligan, combines sustained natural apophyseal glides, or SNAGS, with mobilizations with movement (MWMS), to aid in the treatment of musculoskeletal injuries.
  • The McKenzie Method®, created by The McKenzie Institute International, is a total patient care system that physical therapists all over the world use for addressing back and neck problems.

 Want to go into physical therapy as a career?

  • The Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions offers Doctor of Physical Therapy degree programs and rigorous post-graduate education options for health care professionals.
  • Whatcom Community College is renowned for its robust Physical Therapist Assistant Degree program.

 When you need physical therapy resources, Advance Therapy can guide you toward information about Freedom Fitness in Burien and much more. For more information about our resources, the services we offer, or to schedule your in-office or telehealth appointment, contact our team online or call (206) 444-6320.