Client Testimonials

Absolutely love the staff and service! I have been in for several referrals from sprained ankle, injured knee, migraines, shoulder therapy, all the way to surgery rehabilitation. The team is amazing when it comes to working with your schedule, treatment plans, and cost. They worked with me to make sure I was successful in my treatments, after I exceeded insurance limits. I highly recommend Advance Physical Therapy!
—Misti S.

Absolutely love this place. I went to many physical therapists for some chronic injuries and definitely saw the most improvement working with Josh and his team here. Always willing to get me in whenever I needed them and used a variety of techniques and treatments to help relieve my pain. I was also impressed with the proactive approach of teaching me how to exercise and stretch properly on my own as well as lifestyle changes I could implement. I have recommended this place to many people!” 
—Zubin E.

For years I fought some kind of inflammation that would strike me in the lower neck area on the right side. Something would pinch a nerve, causing excruciating pain. Doctors would prescribe various pain killers, none of which worked. Even an MRI and x-rays could find nothing wrong. When that pain finally landed me in the emergency room, I decided to try Advanced Physical Therapy. Brad prescribed various exercises to strengthen my neck muscles, and Josh gave me several exercises to improve my range of motion. That advice has worked for a year now. One exercise especially, involving using a towel to stretch my neck both ways, has been a life changer. Thank you, Advanced Physical Therapy!
Greg A.

My experience with Advance Physical Therapy & Sports Rehabilitation was extremely good. The care I received for my back injury was innovative and holistic. Dr. Bentley was not only interested in fixing my back but making sure that my life would return to normal as well. His advice was complete and, more importantly, realistic which, in my experience, is not the norm. I received such good care at Advance Physical Therapy that I have recommended them to friends and colleagues who are now patients.
Jake S.

In June of 2008 my life changed. I was involved in a motor vehicle accident and started to experience aches and pains that I’ve never felt before. I was unsure if I would ever be able to move my left shoulder, as well as feel comfort in my neck again. Thanks to Dr. Brad and his staff, I have full capabilities to move freely on my left side. Dr. Brad took time with me, and allowed me to ask numerous questions about the pain I was feeling, in addition to explaining in a way that I could understand. I was a patient for almost a year and Dr. Brad and his staff treated me like family! They will be missed dearly and I will always recommend their services.
Charlene H.

I initially went to Dr. Brad for post arthroscopy knee surgery and low back pain. He educated me about the muscles in the back and demonstrated exercises for me to perform at home. After about three weeks of therapy and electrical stimulation I was much stronger and able to walk with limited pain and effort. During the course of my therapy treatments I experienced increased muscle tone in my legs and back due to the ultrasound, electrical stimulation and exercise treatments. I had worked with physical therapists in the past but none provided me with the knowledge and information that Dr. Brad provided. I was so pleased with his services that I started referring friends to him.
Athelia H.

Six months after a traumatic fall my left arm was in constant pain, even at rest. After 3 months of treatment with Advance Physical Therapy & Sports Rehabilitation my arm’s mobility has returned to 90% and still improving. Plus, I have a set of exercises to maintain/increase my mobility and strength. Brad and his staff are complete professionals with a personal touch that is warm, friendly, and greatly appreciated. Should I ever require such services again, I will not hesitate to call Advance Physical Therapy.
Kerry C.