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Prepare For Your Appointment

“Wear clothing which will allow the therapy staff to access the injured area or area of symptoms. If not, a patient gown or paper shorts can be provided. Avoid heavy meals before your appointment, but do remember to eat something within a few hours of coming in. Drink plenty of water before and after your appointment to stay well hydrated and facilitate your body’s healing response.”

What Happens During Your Appointment

“Plan to arrive about 15 minutes before your appointment so that you have ample time to fill out intake paperwork on the first visit. After completing the initial questionnaire, the Physical Therapist will review your intake form and discuss with you your reasons for seeking care.

You’ll discuss areas where you may experience pain, your current physical condition, medical history, and contributing factors which may be relevant. Physical Therapy is a collaborative process. During your sessions, the Physical Therapist or Physical Therapist Assistant will check in with you to gauge your comfort and response to the interventions. And, at any time, if something in your session makes you uncomfortable, let the provider know so they can make appropriate changes.”

Post Treatment Guidelines

“Some post-Physical Therapy soreness is not uncommon. Most often it develops over the next 24-48 hours and feels like muscle pain from a workout or a hike. This usually subsides over the course of a few weeks as you become stronger and more flexible. However, if you do experience a worsening of the original pain that you presented with, stop any new home exercises and contact your therapist to let them know so that they can advise you on possible changes to the plan of care. Drink around 64 ounces of water per day (unless otherwise advised by your medical provider). Good hydration will reduce chances of muscle cramping and will help with the healing process.”

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